Obviously, we're Ectovex Entertainment!​ But who are we behind that title? To put it simply, we're Dave, Ryan, & Steve. Even more importantly, we're the closest of friends! 

So, here is our story! We met in prison. No, seriously! In 2010 we all met at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary! Steve & Ryan were full-time tour guides and Dave was a part time paranormal guide. We formed a friendship and quickly learned that we all had a passion for the paranormal & filmmaking, so we decided to make a web-series called "Paranormal Quest"! Over the years our passion for filmmaking and media production grew stronger and we wanted to take on more projects. Those projects eventually led to Ectovex Entertainment being born and we are so excited to further this passion!  



David Gear

Expertise: Film Production, Camera & Sound

Dave takes a very technical approach to video production, and that has become an asset to this team. His deep knowledge of cameras and equipment is essential for any production. This knowledge not only allows him to excel on ground in productions, but allows him to take to the sky as the Ectovex Entertainment drone operator. He captures stunning images from the sky that have become a staple of the true quality of Ectovex.

fun fact: Dave loves photography and spends a lot of his time capturing pictures of abandoned buildings and cemeteries, night and day.

Ryan Zacherl

Expertise: Film Production, Directing & Editing

Ryan graduated from Point Park University with a degree in Cinema Production. He brings all of the skills he learned in film school to the table when working on projects. Through experience, he has learned to think on his feet, and that skill has become vital to documentary filmmaking, as well as all other styles of filmmaking and photography.  

fun fact: Ryan began making films through paranormal investigating. This trio then created a documentary web-series called "Paranormal Quest".

Steve Hummel

Expertise: Project Conception, Directing & Camera

Steve has a passion for artistic, narrative, and documentary filmmaking. His creative mind is ideal in the conception and pre-production stages of many projects. His love of film, photography, and art stems from a deep love of story-telling and the visual arts. Steve brings all of this to the table when running a camera, as well. He focuses on framing each shot to achieve the desired effect in each project. He is a true professional in the most artistic sense of the word. 

fun fact: Steve owns a museum in Mounsdville, WV that features oddities, haunted items, and historical antiques. It is called "The Archive of the Afterlife 'National Museum of the Paranormal' ".